State of Iowa Information Security Office (ISO)

Government Resources

Local Government Cyber Security Guides:
These non-technical guides are intended for elected or administrative officials and business managers.

Local Government Cyber Security: Getting Started - PDF
Local Government Cyber Security: Beginner's Guide to Firewalls - PDF
Disposal of Electronic Information & Media - PDF
Guide to Creating an Internet Use Policy - PDF
Incident Response Guide
Risk Management Guide Guide 

2012 Cyber Security Calendar

Cyber Security Posters (Set 1)
Cyber Security Posters (Set 2)
Cyber Security Posters (Set 3)
Protect Your Identity
Suspicious Activities
Think Before You Click
Lock It When You Leave It
Cyber Traps
Protect Data on Portable Devices

Public Service Announcements
General Online Security - in WMV or MOV
Protecting Your Family - in WMV or MOV
Protecting Yourself - in WMV or MOV

General Computer Security - MOV
Protecting Children - MOV
Protecting Information - MOV

National Webcast Initiative

The US Department of Homeland Security, through its Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) have launched a joint partnership to develop a series of national webcasts which will examine cyber security issues. Webcast sessions will be conducted every two months. Please visit this site for upcoming events and archived webcasts.

Last updated: 07-31-2012