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Security Headlines

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Staying Private in Windows 10 - ALL

By default, Microsoft collects data from interaction with Windows 10. This includes typing on the keyboard, using spoken commands or writing with a stylus on a tablet or touch-screen computer. Privacy Controls allow users to opt out of the sharing.  Source: New York Times.

Keyless Car Thefts - ALL

Vulnerabilities is keyless entry systems put cars at risk of theft.
Source: Bloomberg Business

OpenSSH Update - Technology Community

OpenSSH 7.0 addresses security vulnerabilities in earlier versions of OpenSSH.
Source: OpenSSH

Attacks Against Cisco IOS Software Platforms - Technology Community

Cisco has observed a limited number of cases where attackers, after gaining administrative or physical access to a Cisco IOS device, replaced the Cisco IOS ROMMON (IOS bootstrap) with a malicious ROMMON image.
Source: Cisco

How Identity Theft Sticks You With Hospital Bills - ALL

In a twist on identity theft, crooks are using personal data stolen from millions of Americans to get health care, prescriptions and medical equipment.
Source: Wall Street Journal

Firefox Security Update - ALL

Mozilla released a security update for a Firefox vulnerability.
Source: Mozilla

WordPress Security Update - Technology Community

WordPress released a security update that addresses cross-site scripting vulnerabilities and a potential SQL injection vulnerability.
Source: Word Press

E-mail Extortion Campaigns Threatening Distributed Denial of Service Attacks - Technology Community

Businesses are reporting extortion campaigns via e-mail. The victim business receives an e-mail threatening a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack to its Website unless it pays a ransom.
Source: Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)